Chakra/Lotus tea -light holders .This would be beautiful in any room but would be ideal in a healing/treatment room.The 7 lotus tea-light holders are made from Capiz shell.They are in the colours of the 7 chakras, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple and measure 14.5 cm approx.NOTE, Safety... Never leave burning candles unattended.Made from Capiz Shells;Capiz shells are actually the outer shells of a marine mollusc, whose scientific name is placuna placenta, more commonly known as "windowpane oyster". Philippine Capiz shells are so named because they were originally harvested from the shallow coastal waters near the town of Capiz, on the island of Panay. Once cleaned, the shells are naturally translucent and, when painted, allow for a glorious interplay between light and colour.

Yellow chakra Lotus T-light Holder



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