2oz White Sage Spray bottle

Its Perfect for when you don't have time to burn a sage bundle or your on the go . Or if you just don't like the smell of sage burning . I use this for my car also 😍

Sage is burned in various cultures and spiritualities as “smudge sticks” in order to purify a person or space of negative energy. This liquid sage spray allows you to clear harmful, stagnant energies from your aura and your living areas without setting off the smoke alarm! Spray the mist in your home, office,car , ceremonial space, yoga studio – anywhere negative energy and vibrations need to be cleansed. Blessed Sage Mist can also be used to purify ritual objects and your hands before healing work. 

Ingredients: Contains alcohol extracted white sage and white sage flower essence, and distilled water. No preservatives, dyes or other chemicals.

White sage Spray



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