Stunning 4" Clear Quartz Raven Skull“Two ravens sit on his shoulders and speak into his ear all the news they see or hear. Their names are Hugin and Munin. He sends them out at dawn to fly over all all the world and they return at dinner-time. As a result, he gets to find out about many events. From this he gets the name raven-god.” … Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda, on the All-Father, OdinTHE CELTIC ASSOCIATIONS:Ravens hold a special significance for the Celts as well. Among the Irish Celts, Raven was associated with the Triple Goddess, Morrigan. During battle, Morrigan takes the form of a Raven and flies over the battlefield to “choose the slain” and provide protection for her chosen warriors.The Raven is also the sacred animal of the Celtic Goddess Morgan le Fay, the Queen of Faeries, who also would often take the form of a raven.The Raven Skull was hand-carved from a solid piece of amazingly clear Natural Clear Rock Quartz. Clarity and Prism effect is stunning! It has been polished to a high-shine. The skull show amazing detail. He is large and impressive in size. It is the perfect size to be small enough to comfortable wear as a pendent, yet large enough to use for easy viewing while scrying.

Stunning 4" Clear Quartz Raven Skull Pendant

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