This beauty will push you right out of your comfort zone , guiding you along your path. When you feel you have nothing more to learn this crystal dragon will show you another level another dimension ,always keeping you on your toes. Expanding your knowledge and wisdom beyond your worldly allowance. 


Ruby in Zoisite enhances psychic abilities, aids in the communication of spirit guides and, when placed on the Crown chakra, amplifies spirituality, engaging the body’s own energy field. Ruby in Zoisite helps you to maintain your individuality while still being part of the world around you. It keeps you from over-reacting to difficult situations and prevents mood swings.Ruby in Zoisite transmutes negative energy into the positive. It is especially helpful during the grieving process, allowing you to release that pain and sorrow and gain spiritual comfort while getting on with your life and regaining that passion. It also enhances that passion into compassion for others who may be going through the same


Colours May Vary

Approx 4.5 Inch

Ruby in Zoisite Dragon

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