Ruby in fuchite
These small but mighty tumbled stones are so pretty! This stone is a combo of natural ruby and embedded in fuchite. Which combines the properties of both stones, making it the perfect heart stone! 
Helping clear any blockages of the heart chakra, filling the void with positive, loving energies. It helps one maintain a awareness of individualism. Great stone to use to transform destructive negative energies into positive helpful ones. The combo of both stones will help enhance and open psychic awareness. A great stone for healers as well. Especially when working with healing the heart and mobility, the stones will amplify the bodys energy fields. A good stone for the connection to the spiritual world. Ruby in fuchite promotes vitality, recovery/relief from extended or chonic illness. Can be helpful in strengthening the heart and blood flow/circulation issues. 
A really good piece to have near those that have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep as well! It is a stone of opulence and abundance!


Approx 1inch 


You will receive 1 crystal 

Ruby in Fuchsite Tumbled stone



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