Purple Solar Quartz Pendant with a gold electroplated surround, that allows you to see the raw shape of the crystal. It hangs from a beautiful 24K gold plated chain with a clasp. Length of the chain is 30” long enough to slip over your head.

Solar Quartz are a slab or a slice of agatized quartz from a stalactite, they look like beautiful crystal flowers.


Solar Quartz is a natural agatized quartz that is sliced from stalactites in clear, white or gray, with mossy inclusions. As with all quartz it is an energy enhancer, connecting to spirit and harmony.

Solar Quartz is said to bring emotional strength and uplifting with great power and energy.

Solar Quartz also has all the properties of clear quartz and is protective, purifying on spiritual, mental and physical levels, used to communicate with spirits and more. Solar Quartz is associated with the crown chakra, but also works well on all chakras.


Comes in a beautiful purple silk pouch

Purple Solar Quartz Pendant



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