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Do you feel stuck or drained and not sure why ? Do you feel ungrounded or held back in life ? If so maybe all you need to do is ground your energy and cut cords . Cord cutting severs unhealthy ties between you and another person or issue ." Think of the bonds in relationships and connections you have with the world around you as being energetic cords. Cord cutting is cutting ties with people, places, or things that no longer serve you . As well as from addictions, fears, and other traumas that might be holding you back . 


Use this crystal grid to help you cut cords to anything holding you back. And follow the guidelines given if you feel drawn. 


Affirmation : "I lovingly take back my power and cut all negative cords to those around me,' that no longer serve me for my highest good ". Thank you .



The above layout is only a suggestion , tune into your intuition and let your creative side come out as you place your crystals down. 


This set includes :

4 Black Kyanite

4 Amethyst DT

1 Amethyst Pyramid

4 Amethyst Tumbled


Crystal Properties :


Black Kyanite ~ Spiritual Protection ~ Cord Cutting ~ Clears Blockages


Ameythst ~ Spiritual Growth ~ Removes Negativity ~ Releases Addictions 


Crystal Protection Grid Set