Rare Pink Amethyst geode. They are so pretty, and they evoke such powerfully warm feelings of love, peace, and serenity. Geodes are truly special formations from Mother Earth herself – unassuming on the outside and lined with a sweet crystal surprise on the inside. Pink amethyst is a rare stone and isn’t a popular version of amethyst. This pink amethyst geodes comes to you with the same peaceful vibration of amethyst, with an extra emphasis on love, healing, and patience. Work with one of these beautiful specimens to balance the energies of the mind with that of the heart.Amethyst is the gem bearer of self-control, wisdom, and discernment. It promotes restful sleep, helps you maintain equilibrium during stressful periods, prevents nightmares, and counteracts both alcoholic and emotional drunkenness. It is used to conduct the energies of forgiveness, freedom, justice, mercy, and transmutation.When found in its pink variety, as in these geodes, amethyst maintains its same properties with the addition of heart healing abilities. In this case, it resonates with the Crown and Heart Chakras. Pink amethyst brings balance and healing to the emotional body, gently cleansing the aura and subtle bodies of any stagnant energies that impede and block our growth in, receptivity to, and reciprocity of love.

Pink Amethyst Geode

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