Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals and quartz that strengthens your body’s energy field, helping to protect you from man-made EMF radiation and negative energy. Orgonite can help improve your life physically, emotionally and spiritually.
People who are sensitive to EMFs have been helped greatly by orgonite. For example, disturbed sleep and insomnia are one of the most common symptoms of low-level sensitivity to EMFs. One of the most widely reported beneficial effects of orgonite is that it helps people sleep better, especially those who have problems with insomnia (although if you’ve been introduced to orgonite for the first time, the influx of positive orgone may energise you and make it more difficult to sleep to begin with! In that case, let your body get used to it slowly – don’t wear pendants while sleeping, or keep orgonite in the bedroom until you’ve become used to the energy. In the long run, you will sleep sounder).
Dr Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, researched orgone energy (also known as chi or prana) in the earlier half of the 20th century, and today’s orgonite devices are built on his findings. While conducting his research, Dr. Reich found that organic materials attract and hold orgone energy, while non-organic metals simultaneously attract and repel the energy.
Orgonite is a powerful spiritual tool. Since orgonite has the ability to transform negative and stagnant energy to positive energy, having it around you will help you find spiritual balance.
Anything that cleanses and balances your energy body will eventually lead to greater well-being and spiritual development. Take for example Qi Gong and other practices that are designed to ‘tone’ your energy body– these practices are designed to clear out blockages and increase the vital energy running through your body.
Orgonite works in a similar way, although you gain these benefits passively, simply by being around orgonite. An orgonised environment is full of healthy, balanced energy, and this in turn affects your own energy body.
For some, the changes are immediate and obvious – particularly for people who are sensitive to energy. For other people, the change is more gradual, and they notice over time that they feel better and more spiritually balanced. Some people even report that they become more intuitive or develop psychic abilities.

Orgone Pendant

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