Merlinite (Dendritic Opal) can help you become more aware of the energies around you . Sometimes even lifting the veil of illision from this world and others. Allowing you to explore your spiritual deveolopment and psychic gifts. Connecting you on a deeper level to the spiritual knowledge you seek within. Merlinite helps you to work on your shadow self, revealing your intermost most deepest fears and blocks . Bringing to light what needs to be shed. 

Dendritic Agate is a superb stone to purify and strengthen one’s energy field, allowing one to work deeper spiritually and understanding the purpose of one’s life. Dendritic Agate is superb to bring into your earth healing meditations as it hold the energy of stabilization and promotes healing of Mother Earth’s grid, her energy centers, all the way to her core. A very special crystal in every way.

Merlinite/ Dentritic Opal Freeform

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