Himalaya Red Azeztulite emanates powerful currents that resonate at the root, heart and crown chakras. Of all Azeztulite's, it most deeply grounds the energy of the Great Central Sun in the realm of matter. In our bodies, it provides a wealth of prana, the spiritual life force. It enhances the inner qualities of courage, vitality, passion and strength. It aids greatly with the integration of the highest vibrational frequencies of the spiritual realms into our bodies and into the earth. Himalaya Red Azeztulite energetically supports the blood and the immune system. It can act a s a sort of “spiritual disinfectant”. It resonates with the hemoglobin and the liquid crystal structure of the blood, and its influence can set the pattern for the infusion of the bloodstream with spiritual Light. It energetically supports the bones and marrow, the colon, the connective tissues and the spleen. Himalaya Red Azeztulite aids with the cellular transmutation of the body into an awakened, luminous, radiant state. It offers a template for regeneration and a new life, to be lived at a higher energetic level.


Approx 4.2 Inches

Himalayan Red Azeztulite Massage Wand

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