Golden azeztulite is a very spiritual stone with a very high vibration. Azeztulite helps you with spiritual development and helps accelerate it.  Stone increases consciousness and provides a powerful energetic shield around the body. The crystal can break through old patterns and is emotionally cleansing. The stone can work very powerfully, and is for that reason mainly advisable for people who already have some spiritual development behind them so that the stone is meant to do: Advance in spiritual transformation and awakening. In addition, azeztulite provides the body with an abundance of prana, the universal life force. Azeztulite helps connect with intuition, your guide guides & guardian angels, higher energies and other dimensions, and activates and stimulates kundalini energy. If you put an azeztute stone on your third eye, it can give powerful spiritual visions and insights. It is also a good stone to meditate with and can be used in healings and energetic work.


Approx 4.2 Inches

Himalayan Golden Azeztulite Massage Wand

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