Here is a few ways below in which you can work with your Balance Set :


If you feel out of balance ,place your Hematoid between your feet . Close your eyes while breathing deeply right down into your feet. It will help to root and ground your energy helping you feel more connected. Trust what comes to mind as the crystal brings to light the situation you need to work on to feel more balanced . 



Place a hematoid moon in each hand , as you sit down place the heart between your feet. As you begin the meditation by closing your eyes and breathing deeply into your lungs to open your energy .

Call in your Angels as you begin taking in nice deep breaths and allow yourself to connect into the crystals in each hand.  Ask to receive insight from the highest light that will help you to bring balance to your mind ,body and soul  . Making sure to keep breathing nice and gently throughout this meditation. Pay close attention to how you feel and why and allow the emotions to come up to the surface if needed. Dont hold back or push the energy to the side.

And please know its ok to stop at any time if you need to . You can easily try again when you feel ready .

Always Thank your Angels once you are finished, and ask that they close this mediation with the sealing in of healing energy and sourround you in their protective sheild for as long as its needed. 

When you feel finished ,Begin by moving your fingers and toes and slowly open your eyes. Making sure to write down in your diary what was shown to you. Always drink plenty of water afterward and carry a grounding crystal with you until the heavy emotions subside.


Crystal Grid 

Write out on paper any things you may want to let go of or bring in that you feel is holding you back from allowing balance into your world . Fold your paper evenly and small enough . Placing the crystals as shown in the first picture with the moons on either side of the palmstone . Place the note under the palmstone and close your eyes , connect into your crystals and ask for help in healing these issues . 



Carry your crystal heart with you when ever your feeling out of balance pop it in your pocket and take it out and place it over heart and breathe with it for 5 to 10mins when needed. 


Hematoid quartz is a very powerful stone that combines the amplification properties of quarts with the grounding, stable, and protective energies of hematite. It has a strong energetic signature that is useful for drawing out negative or low-vibrational energies within the aura. 
It is sometimes also referred to as healer quartz, fire quartz, and ferruginous quartz. Dependent upon the inclusions and the presence of Limonite, it can be either reddish brown or golden.

Metaphysically, hematoid is useful for grounding scattered energy, and can especially benefit those who might have difficulty focusing. It helps to inspire inward vision, allowing us to examine areas of ourselves that need.

Balance the Mind, Body & Spirit Crystal Set



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