Keywords : Clearing the aura ~ Repel negativity ~Enhancing intuition ~ Powerful protection


Chevron-Amethyst is a combination of White Quartz and Amethyst, mixed to form a V-banded or striped pattern.
It’s usually a beautiful lavender, purple, or white in color.
Chevron-Amethyst is also sometimes called Banded Amethyst or Dogtooth Amethyst.
This stone can usually be found in India, Brazil, and Africa.


It will enhance both your intuition and physical vision to give you higher vision!
It will make you more sensitive to your environment and to the higher realm.
It will also strengthen your psychic abilities and open your third eye.
The energies of Chevron-Amethyst will cleanse the aura. It will remove any residual negativity that’s affecting your overall vibrations.
This stone will also amplify the energies required for manifestation.


Approxiamte Size: 6.5-7cm

Styles may vary

Dream Amethyst Point



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