This is a powerful Crystal Grid to use to keep your space clear of negative energy while raising the frequecy within. Our homes tend to store all energies from those coming and going unless we daily clear , cleanse and release that energy. Which isnt always easy given how busy our lives are. This Clearing your space crystal grid set will help you maintain a balanced energy within your home. 


Affirmation : Archangel Michael ," I ask that this crystal grid is blessed with your energy keeping this space cleansed of all negativity and that those who live here, are protected and blessed in peace, love and light" . Thank you  


This set includes ;

4 Selenite Sticks

4 Black Obsidian Tumbled

1 Black Obsidian Heart

4 Black Kyanite 


Crystal Properties :


Selenite ~ Raising Frequency ~ Angelic Relam ~ Purifying Energies


Black Obsidian ~  Clears negative energy ~ Powerful Shield ~ Grounding 


Black Kyanite ~  Balance Energies ~ Protection ~ Dispels Anger or Frustration

Clearing your Space Crystal Grid Set



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