Candle quartz shape resembles wax dripping down a candle. It can also be known as pineapple quartz as the small crystal points look like the pineapple fruit.


Pineapple Quartz crystal sometimes know as a Celestial Quartz, Lithium Quartz or Candle Quartz looks very magical and mysterious. It's unique healer, lightbringer and strong high energy holder. This crystal helps to awaken your Higher Self, stimulates visions and helps to access the Akashic records. It's perfect for meditations. Ancient knowledge from Atlantis is said to be brought by the Candle Quartz. One can access this ancient knowledge and gain insight though meditation. Pineapple Quartz stores information, knowledge and wisdom, linking ones consciousness to the highest vibration of soul consciousness.


Candle Quartz brings healing to your inner child and heals any trauma that resides within. It also helps to heal ancestral lines and karmic inheritance. It dissipates feelings of oppression, depression, and despair, while creating tranquility and confidence. Candle Quartz helps to open you spiritually, and to become more aware of spirit around you and of your guardian angel

Candle Quartz Cluster

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