Smudging is an ancient indigenous practice that has been used ceremoniously and spiritually. Also used in Feng Shui and alternative healing practices to help cleanse and purify. It is the burning of herbs, most commonly Sage, to remove negative energy from a space. You can smudge yourself, your pets, your vehicle, your home, office, or anywhere you like. It can be used to cleanse crystals and objects that you recieve. Smudging is commonly used in meditation and yoga practices as well for it's calming effects. To useLight your Sage stick and let it burn a few seconds then blow out the flame. Put your Sage stick on a heat-resistant (ideally an abalone shell, in a small pot...) and let the smoke set. It is essential to distribute a lot of smoke in the room to ensure effective cleansing. Open all windows and doors as you cleanse yourself and your space.To cleanse an object, allow the smoke to fully cover your object holding the intention of cleansing it with love.For a person, use a feather and fan the smoke around the person, going from the top of the head to the soles of feet. And repeat 5 times for effective action. You will receive 1 bundle Approx 5 inches

California White Sage (premium Quality)



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