Cathedral Quartz is reputed to be a light library, having recorded all that’s occurred on earth.They have distinct castle like form and many have triangle doorways in among the castling definition. One of the methods to accessing the light library is by meditating with a Cathedral Quartz crystal. Cathedral Quartz is believed to make itself known every two thousand years in order to assist in the evolution of human consciousness by raising our conscious to a higher vibration. Cathedral Quartz is often programmed to bring about a better world.


Clear quartz crystals are some of the most sought out crystals in the world due to being one of the most powerful and versatile stones in the crystal kingdom.  Self-Healed crystals are crystals that have been broken from the matrix and started to re-seal their broken ends with new growth. Crystals that are not double terminated start off in clusters, which grow along veins, when the earth moves or shifts these crystals can sometimes break off from their cluster and sometimes the broken ends continue to grow or self heal creating the triangular scale like layers

Self healed crystals, as the name suggests, are great to use in the journey and process of ones own self healing. Meditate with one of these stones, share the journey it took, it was broken but self healed itself into something even more spectacular, share your journey and and it will share its information with you on spiritual, emotional and physical cellular/crystalline levels. This shared knowledge and experience brings about vastly accelerated levels of healing and regeneration within the self.


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Brazilian Cathedral Self Healing Quartz Cluster



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