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Blessings of love crystal grid set brings love and healing to the areas needed within your life. We often carry around pain, grief and loss within our hearts and we have no idea how to begin the healing process. Or we often have no idea how to bring more love into our lives.

This beautiful set will provide you with just the right energy to create a calming, nurturing & loving space within your home. So you may attract the right partner into your life or that you may open up and begin the healing process. Its up to you how you use your crystal grid and with rose quartz crystals it will only ever bring you what is needed with love and healing. 


Suggestions this Crystal grid can be used for :

Self love

Attracting new love

Healing old wounds

Creating a loving energy within your home

Healing Conflict / energy

Creating a calming energy

Healing Relations 

Blissful sleep


The above layout is only a suggestion, follow your intuition when placing your crystals out. 



This Set includes :

Rose Quartz Generator

4 Rose quartz chunks

4 Quartz points

16 small rose quartz tumbles


Rose Quartz Properties : New Love ~ Forgiveness ~ Self Love ~ Emotional Healing 



Blessings of love Crystal Grid Set