Smooth Blue Kyanite healing wand 


Blue Kyanite wands are prefect tools to use in massage, reiki, chakra and crystal healing. These wands can be used in several ways for healing. The pointed end can be focussed on the chakras of the body to promote the flow of energy and removing blockages. The blunt end can be used to massage a particular area and at the same time focussing the negative energy away from the body. The wand is normally moved in small circles to massage the affected part of the body (for example - the temples to help with a headache). The wand can also be waved or swept over the body to help clear negative energy.


Kyanite is a throat chakra crystal . This crystal is used to open the 5th chakra, encouraging self-expression, communication and speaking your truth. It cuts through fears and blockages, helping one to speak the truth. Kyanite's energies are believed to strengthen the voice and to help heal the throat and the larynx. It is therefore a useful stone for performers and public speakers. Helps to align all of your chakras, it does not retain or accumulate negative vibrations of any type.

Blue Kyanite Wand

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