Black Moonstone is named for its glowing color or sheen. Black moonstone enhances meditation, intuition, psychic abilities and facilitates deep insight. Use to connect with new moon energy and embrace new beginnings.


Black Moonstone is all about creating/manifesting New into your life. Keep your Black Moonstone with you for every New Moon. Black Moonstone helps you connect with your inner/ higher self linking you to your  intuition . Helping you to notice the blockages within you that you need to work on.


Here is a few ways below in which you can work with your New Moon Set :


If you feel blocked in anyway hold your black moonstone while breathing and it will bring those areas to light for you to transmute. 



Place a Black moonstone moon on either side of you , level to one another and hold the palmstone in your hands as you meditate . Take in nice deep breaths and allow yourself to connect into the crystal. Call in your Higher Self and ask to be shown what is needed for you to see for your highest good right now . Making sure to keep breathing throughout this meditation. Pay close attention to what first comes to mind and when you feel finished . Begin by moving your fingers and toes and slowly open your eyes. Making sure to write down in your diary what was shown to you.


Crystal Grid 

Write out on paper the blockages you were shown thats holding you back in the above meditation. Fold your paper evenly and small enough . Placing the crystals as shown in the first picture with the moons on either side of the palmstone . Place the note under the palmstone and close your eyes , connect into your crystals and ask for help removing these blocks. 



Carry your palmstone with you 1 week before , during and 1 week after the New Moon. As it helps to calm your emotions during the new moon, so you may make clearer choices. Always Make sure to cleanse your crystals daily.


Black Moonstone will help you connect with the Goddess within you , to bring about changes that you don't feel good enough for , as it pushes you forward. Trust that letting go is needed for your growth and that its the only way of moving forward.

Black Moonstone New Moon Set



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