New Moon / Balance & Protect Crystal Set 

Black Moonstone is named for its glowing color or sheen. Black moonstone enhances meditation, intuition, psychic abilities and facilitates deep insight. 

Use to connect with new moon energy and embrace new beginnings. Black Moonstone is all about creating/manifesting New into your life.
Keep near and meditate with your Black Moonstone before and during the New Moon. 

Black Moonstone helps you connect with your inner/ higher self linking you to your intuition . Helping you to notice any blockages within you that you need to work on. 
Black Moonstone offers spiritual protection keeping you grounded during times of need . 

Selenite brings in pure white angelic energy from the angels.  Call on your Angels when you feel you cant see or think clearly or when your lifepath seems blocked. 

Take deep breaths when connecting with your crystals . 

You will Receive

1 x Black Moonstone Palmstone
1 x Sage Bundle 
2 x Palo Santo Sticks 
1 x Selenite Mini Tower 
1 x Crystallight Bag

Balance & Protect Crystal Set



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