Black Amethyst gets its color from inclusions of Hematite. Due to Hematite inclusions and a higher iron content found inside it’s crystalline matrix. 

Metaphysically used to enhance spiritual awareness & to promote a higher consciousness, Amethyst works with your Third Eye Chakra to balance vision & intuition. Great for meditation and providing a calming energy in general.

Amethyst is known as a third eye or crown chakra crystal to connect one to the divine, boost spirituality, provide auric protection and enhance your psychic abilities.

Protects one from psychic attack.

Creates a protective shield around the physical body and aura. Great for empaths.

Is considered the go-to crystal to wear to avoid getting too drunk or to combat addictions.

Provides restful sleep and relaxation.

Is also considered the best crystal to use to relieve one from the pains of a migraine headache. They say migraine headaches are due to an excess of energy entering into the crown and third eye chakras and not flowing down properly out the body. Because of the inclusion of hematite in black amethyst, the excess energy harbored during a migraine attack can easily flow down through the chakras and out the root and Earth star chakras for pain relief.

Protection during astral travel, good for dreaming and helps prevent nightmares.

Boosts intuition, clairvoyant abilities and helps you tap into your higher self so that you can better connect with the Divine Source.

Helps one become more consciously awake by increasing spiritual awareness.

Relieves stress by encouraging a peaceful mindset.

Natural pain reliever.

Helps one to maintain focus and mindfulness during meditation.

Comes Gift Warpped

Black Amethyst Druzy Heart



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