Amazonite is a soothing crystal helping you calm in times of stress , alleviating fear & worry . Amazonite helps you to deal with emotional trauma by healing right from the heart. As it helps you to dissolve blockages and negative energy surrounding you .


Amazonite helps you find your voice by strengthening it so you can speak your truth calmly no matter the nerves. And without fear or judgement from others.


Amazonite is a crystal that will help you heal from past traumas while building a strong foundation within you for you to stand firmly upon. As this crystal makes you rethink your pattenrs , values and what you stand for . Prepare for deep changes when you work with this beauty. Amazonite is all about healing what was, to prepare you for what is to pass.


Here is a few ways below in which you can work with your Healing set:



When you feel nervous or anxious hold your Amazonite in your hand and take in a few deep breaths ,right into your lungs and back out again. Until you begin to feel more relaxed . Always do this breathing exercise as long as it feels comfortable for you .



Place a Amazonite moon in each hand palms facing up . Place your Palmstone over your heart as you lay down . Take in nice deep breaths slowly right into ur lungs ,holding for a second and then releasing it back out again. Keep breathing nice and slowly but gently as you open your heart chakra and clear your energy with each breath.


Call in your Guardian Angel and ask that they allow , protect and facilitate this healing today . Ask your Guardian Angel to remove any blockages within your heart to allow for healing to take place to release any trauma held within . Trust this process and what comes to mind first. If any feelings , thoughts or memories cause pain . Remind yourself you are safe and protected now. And breathe through the pain that comes up. Its ok to feel this hurt as this is how you will begin to heal from it . You have hidden this part of you for so long . For not knowing how to deal with it . Today your Guardian Angel will help you and guide you through this meditation.

Take your time and if at any moment you have enough . Wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes. Repeating and affirming to yourself 'I Am Safe and Secure , and surrounded by Healing Archangels . Keep a grounding crystal with you for the next hour and drink plenty of water .


Crystal Grid

Write out on paper the issues that came up during your meditation above . Folding your paper making sure it fits under your Palmstone. Place a moon on either side of the Palmstone to secure your grid. Close your eyes and take in deep breaths to centre your energy. Connect into the Crystal's and ask that they help you to release these issues and allow healing to take place for your highest good .


Clear your crystals daily 

Amazonite Healing Set



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