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Stepping into your Light

What promises have you made yourself over the years but have never fulfilled ?

How come you give yourself so little time to work on yourself or to do the things you love to do ?

Why is it easier for you to tell others how there going wrong but not be able to connect with yourself and see your own wrongs ?

In what ways have you shut off from your own body, and needs ?

Do you even feel the disconnection ?

You know , when you make time for self, You feel loved , You feel so much better within yourself. And everyone around you benefits and feels that love too.

Dont base your worth on how your feeling right now. Or by how those around you, treat you. That is their conflict within them, not yours !

Fixing our crazy world begins with healing ourselves, become more aware . It starts with you ,we cannot change the world , if we do not change how we connect with it.

When we love ourselves unconditionally , we love everyone around us the same.

Energy spills out from you into every area of your life, into everyone and everything you touch . You leave an energy print and trail that never leaves even after your gone .

Do you know what kind of energy your sending out and sharing with those around you ?

Take responsibility for yourself , Look into your own shadows and start working there. Look at yourself and bring your own faults to light . Stop hiding all of who you are, while expecting those around you to change and be perfect for you. Work on improving ,healing the relationship with yourself ,loving yourself and i promise you ,your relationships will change with those around you . And you will also draw in new people and opportunities because of it.

You are all you can control. Start making promises to yourself. And push yourself to keep them this time . Be your biggest supporter and be the biggest kick in the ass u need as well.

You deserve to feel amazing about your body , to feel happy waking up everyday knowing your connected to all life around you !

Everything you need to make these changes is within you. Sometimes you might need someone to point them out to you . And today im going to point it out to you because you worked very hard through many life times learning all the skills needed for this journey . And now its time to remove the veil and remember .

You are an amazing beautiful soul capable of so much more . Bigger and brighter than you will ever see, until its too late.

Remember this below

You are not your body

You are not your skin

You are not your scars

You are not your mistakes

You are not your past

You are not your family

You are not your friends

You are not your job

As you have had

Many differnet bodies

Many different skins

Many many scars

Made more mistakes that you can fathom

Had Family from all over including from different dimensions.

Had Friends forever from many lifetimes, who came here with you.

Had Many different jobs and learned so many amazing skills

To harness your memory codes and activate your own unique skills

You need to begin to

Let go of the pain

Let go of the disappointments

Let go of the regret

Let go of self neglect

Let go of negative talk about yourself

Let go of the past

Let go of the ppl who choose to leave you

Let go of shame

Let go of resentment

Let go of resistance

Let go of negative patterns

Let go of negative beliefs

Let go of the belief that this is all there is

As all of them will keep you stuck in this moment ,in the past and blind you from the way out.

Be brave and start to love yourself everyday . Bring your energy back to Lemurian times through meditation to place the lemurian crystal on your forehead as it helps you activate your true self.

Notice what you love creating and are drawn to making . Give your self time to make these changes .

Begin today by Looking in the mirror with your hand on your heart and say "I Love You , and "Im sorry for neglecting you . Affirm to your body "Thank you for everything you do for me . I promise to begin making healthier positive changes.

As you begin to let go ,memeories will come up , notice them and let them go. Dont relive them and hold onto them . Going around in circles with them. Let them go with each deep breath, as you already wear the scars .

Yes express them if you feel urged to if not let it go. Dont stay within the pain for longer then you need to. As your being shown the reasons and lessons within each one .

Once you can empty your "Self bin , you can then fully move forward without the restraints of lower earthly energies. You can begin activating your true calling . Which so many of you are already doing but not fully stepping into.


Your light is here to hold space for those who cant .

Your light is here to open portals and activate higher realms .

Your light is here to awaken others to their gifts.

Your light is here to help people remember where they came from.

Your light is here to connect with higher beings and heal people.

Your light is here to connect with Angels.

Your light is here to help open gateways and activate portals for dragons and unicorns.

Your light is here to share their knowledge.

Your light is here to clear karma

Your light is here to love and hold that loving frequency for others.

Your light is here to teach .

Your light is here to learn.

Your light is here to rest .

Your light is here to protect.

Your light is here to birth.

Your light is here to see.

Your light is here to guide.

Your light is here to live

Our light is endless ,it has no beginning and no end. We are all of that light

Remember who you are beautiful Souls

Only then can we truly change our world🙏

Love & light

Viv 💫

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