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Are you only starting to work with crystals ?

Updated: May 23, 2020

There is so much information out there now about crystals and what you should and shouldn't do. And don't get me wrong that information is very much needed and it will help you so much but it can also hold you back when your first starting out. Especially if what you're reading on crystals isn't happening for you, it can make you feel like your doing it wrong somehow when you don't get the same results.

Well I'm here to tell you that your not doing anything wrong you have just set your expectations higher than you should when you first begin to work with crystals. Keep it simple and each day take baby steps . And you will be suprised by just how easy it is .

Amethyst Cluster
Just by simply holding your crystal , You are connecting with it .

Here's why you should keep it simple

If you have never worked with energy before it's hard to know what you're looking out for. And you may not be sensitive to energy at all yet. And again don't let that put you off, your crystals can help you sensitise yourself to the energies around you the more you work with them. You just have to give it time and leave all expectations at the door before you begin. Let me explain why below.

So let's say , you just bought your first crystal and its a beautifull rose quartz. And the lovely lady at the store helped you pick it out and told you the crystals properties. But your home now and have completely forgot everything she said. So now you have a crystal you know nothing about and have no idea how to use it. Sound familiar ? if so keep reading below

Or the flip side , that lovely lady at the store told you this crystal will bring in love and help you find your soulmate . Its just what you need right now and you're wicked excited to get this crystal working. So you get home and take out your crystals and keep them with you all week but nothing happens and now you're stumped. You don't feel anything and you tried everything the lady told you to do but its not working . Instead old painful memories are creeping up on you and your not sure why now after all these years and its really upsetting you. So you stop using your crystal and over time the crystal gathers dust somewhere in your home or at the end of your bag. And you're now convinced crystals don't work. What you didn't realise was the rose quartz was working perfectly just not how the lady at the store told you it would. Your Crystal was bringing up old issues from a past relationship that you never healed from. Which was preventing you from bringing new love into your life. Your crystal was helping you to finally see and process your suppressed emotions. So you can finally heal from them and let them go with forgiveness.

Its the same when you read up on crystal meanings you will find some amazing properties for each one. And you will take your crystal home expecting those meanings to happen for you. Which isn't always the case. You see each crystal will work differently for each person and your crystal will tune into your energy for any imbalances within. Once it finds the imbalance it will help you by bringing them to light . And you may notice it as old memories coming up like I mentioned above, or as sensations in certain parts of your body . Or you can feel a push to make those changes you have been putting off as you connect with your crystal. It will depend on the properties of your crystal and what energy within you needs to be healed. Your crystal will then help you by giving you the necessary energy to start fixing those issues or you may find that you are then drawn to another crystal that will help you with the next stages of healing.

Always remember regardless of your crystals help , it's always up to you how you use the energy around you. Your crystal can't fix it for you ,it can only highlight within you what needs attention and bring it out into the open. It's your actions that will bring about the changes . You will need to learn to become more aware of your own @energy. To be able to know the signs and tell the difference between a balanced and unbalanced body. And it's up to you were you go from there .

Keeping it simple allows you to learn one step at a time and build up your sensitivity to energy and using crystals. By working with @crystals you're actually learning how to connect with yourself. You are remembering how to tune into your own energy and understand what in you needs healing.

I hope this has helped you understand a little more about crystals and how they work and why its important to keep it simple and tune into yourself for any changes ,rather than focusing on what you have read or heard. Check out my next blog as I share with you tips on how you can keep it simple when working with your crystals.

Thank you so much for being here

Sending you my love & Crystal blessings



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