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Hello Beautiful Souls 


Welcome to Crystallight , it's a pleasure to have you here and I mean that right from my heart . Crystallight has been a dream of mine for about 10 years now. I began writing it out in my little pink notebook after mediating one morning with the Angels. My main goal was to help people feel better by healing through my readings and my love of crystals and Angels. I wanted to pass on as much light as I could to help others who were also in the dark like I had been . Crystallight is my little dream come true and my way of giving people a safe place full of positivity to learn, buy crystals and receive guidance to help themselves heal just as I have done .

You see I suffered from debilitating panic attacks for most of my life , not many people even knew about it or how bad they really were. And it wasn't until my Dad's passing that they really become prominent and unbearable. And it was during that dark time of grief I found my love for crystals and my need for Angels.  My Dad was my security blanket whenever I was afraid as a child he comforted me, when I couldn't breathe he calmed me down. Even as a adult if anything happened in my life or with my kids I always popped into my parents house and instantly felt better after chatting with my Mum and Dad.  So when he passed over my whole world fell apart and I had no idea how to fill the huge void he left behind. I didn't feel safe in this world and I didn't know how to feel safe again. So I did the only thing I knew how to at that time, I closed off my heart to stop the pain.

But even in his death he never left my side as he guided me to the right ppl just at the right time. You see I always saw my Dad after he passed over ,it didn't help me much at the time as I only wanted him psychically here . But with the help of the beautiful Angels I was able to understand and find my feet again by Learning Angel Healing and becoming an Angel Healing® Practitioner with the beautiful Calista Macgillivray .It gave me the tools I needed to begin the healing process of grief. And also to open up to my own natural gifts.  

The crystals I was drawn to at the time were Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz , Rose Quartz , my Amethyst wand and my Aventurine pendulum. That was my first ever crystal collection and I learned how to use them through workshops, courses and by reading so many books. But I learned mostly by taking the time and tuning into my own intuition and by doing so my connection became stronger and i couldn't get enough of learning about crystals. . And from there I became a CCH Certified Crystal Healer with Hibiscus Moon . Which then lead me to became a Certified Angel Card Reader with Doreen Virtue. Each one lead me into the other and I did many more courses like psychic development , Chakra healing and so on.

So my name is Vivienne and I live in Waterford, Ireland and here we are surrounded by many beautiful beaches .I couldn't imagine living anywhere else in the world. The beach has always been my little safe heaven in life ,it's my go to place for everything and anything . I love walking barefoot along the beach crystals at hand ,feeling the sand between my toes . I can feel my energy grounding with each step I take.

It's my beach meditation that always clears my head and brings balance back into my soul. When i'm not working on crystallight or with my family this is the place that feels more home to me. Nature has a way of bringing us back to ourselves if only we allow it by giving it time. And I find that crystals are the same ,if you give them time to connect with you . They will help you remember who you are and help you begin your healing journey .

I always wanted Crystallight to be more than just an online store and through my facebook page and my instagram page I try to give back with free daily card readings when I have the time and little competitions along with daily positive posts. I also create a crystal grid to send out Distant Angel healing to all who needs it once a month. So head over to my page and pop your name down if you feel drawn to, you are always welcome.  Its my way of saying Thank you to you all for being here and helping me share crystallight with more beautiful souls.

The services I also offer at Crystallight are as follows, If you would like to book in with me just send me a message and we can arrange a time that suits us both.

Prices to be added soon .

Crystal Healing Sessions

Angel Healing® Sessions

Angel Readings

Distant Angel Healing® Sessions

Thank you so much for being here, sending you Angel Blessings

from my heart to yours



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